General Rules To Study Basketball

It is important for the beginners to learn the basketball rules and instill strong fundamentals to play a proper game. A coach may find it difficult to teach the young and new players to prevent a foul or dribble properly. Some of the general rules have been listed below which a player of basketball must know.

  • Scoring
    There are fundamentally two types of scoring in basketball, a two-pointer, and a three-pointer. The player must understand the points availed from it and the existence of the free throw. To understand better, one can go for the portable basketball system as well.
  • Jump ball
    During the course of the game, the ball is first launched from the air while the team members stand in the circle and the players grab it by jumping after the first top. The team that touches and gains the ball at that time is given the ball the next time they are stuck in opposing situations. Do note that, the jump ball is employed only at the commencement of the overtime.
  • Dribbling violations
    A dribbler cannot walk or run with the basketball for more than one and a half steps; double dribble by bouncing the basketball with both the hands, stop and dribble; palm the ball by dribbling from far away and change pivot foot while dribbling the ball.
  • Personal fouls
    Do note that there are many foul violations, and one must be extremely varied of actions such as pushing, slapping and holding either at the time of offense or defense. Also, the player may be barred from the match if he gets five personal fouls.
  • Charging / blocking
    Such fouls aren’t easy to be determined by the referees. This charge is put on when the player does a physical attack on the other player.
  • Foul line
    No player can step on the foul line before the ball strikes the court.
  • Ten-second rule
    If the ball has moved from the backcourt, according to this rule, the team is given 10 seconds to bring the ball back to the line at the middle of the court. If not, it is awarded to the defending team. Do note that this applied only in the case of the male game.
  • Three-second rule
    An offensive player is not allowed more than 3 seconds to be on the lane if it is found so, and then the ball is given to the defending team.In short, basketball is indeed a tough game to play, but at the same time, keeping some rules in mind, it is equally fun. For the best experience, get NBA basketballs to play the game.

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