Do You Want To Become Eye Candy?

Visually attractive people or popularly known as “eye candy” is a dream everyone has even though people do not admit to it. It is not fair to judge anyone by their looks, however, looking good is not a crime either. It doesn’t mean being cute or attractive; looking good can be done even when you don’t have a “beautiful” face.

Watch out for what you eat

What you put in, is what you look like. Take care to cut down on fatty and oily food. It is true that they taste yummy and giving it up is almost impossible. But you don’t have to totally stop eating this type of food; what you can do is to gradually cut down on the amount you eat. For example if you used to eat out at a restaurant that serve this sort of food three to four times a week, start with limiting it to two. Apply the same to food with too much sugar. You can reduce the intake of ice cream, chocolates and the like. Try fruits instead, you can start with fruit juices and smoothies. Working out, preferably with a personal trainer Earlwood, while doing all these can get you on the right track.

Psychological factors

It is important to just be you, too. How you behave must not decide on how you are adjudged, that being said, it is also true that in a corporate setting, how you look and behave are quite important. But you don’t have to turn up in expensive branded clothing. First impression does make an imprint on others in such a setting and dressing smartly is the key. To have a diplomatic mind and a successful corporate life, try concentrating on yourself, your contributions at work, your goals and team work with your colleagues. You might think what all this got to do with looking “good”. But it is important to understand that mental elements have a great impact on outer physical appearance.

Try making it fun

Anything can be made interesting and fun when a group gets together. Hence try working out a diet plan with your friends at work or family members. If you talk to a gym they may give a group discount for corporate personal training. You can discus with the management and HR about how positively this sort of activity can be executed within the company. Looking good does not have to make you take medicine to make face marks go away and be fairer. You can try looking smart by choosing the right clothes, maintaining a good body mass index working out and eating the right food.

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